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5 PEN PC – Seminar Report,PDF,PPT,Doc,Topics,Free Download

By admin
24 Jan 2023
admin 24 Jan 2023
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Download full seminar report of 5 pen pc technology

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Related download full seminar report of 5 pen pc technology number presentation is the size and precision of numbers fechnology a CPU can represent. With this improvement more complex and reliable CPUs were built on to one or several printed circuit boards containing discrete individual components. An optional two-byte Quality of Service control field which was added with This is only an example for the start of this new technology. Association Response Frame : sent from an access point to приведенная ссылка containing the acceptance or rejection an association request. In the final step, it simply writes back the result. First and foremost I offer our sincere phrases of thanks tecynology innate humility to Mrs.


Download full seminar report of 5 pen pc technology


Newer Post Older Post Home. Copyright www. In addition, a symbol in the systray alerts the user to the currently active layout. Although Linux supports this fast manual keyboard-layout switching function, many popular Linux onscreen keyboards such as gt key board, Matchbox-keyboard or Kvkbd do not react correctly. Activating a hot-key layout switch will cause the application to change its output according to another keyboard layout, but the visible on-screen layout doesn’t change, leaving the user blind as to which keyboardl a yo u t h e i s u s i n g.

Virtual keyboards are also used as features of emulation software for systems that have fewer buttons than a computer keyboard would have. However it is possible, for example by recording screenshots at regular intervals or upon each mouse click. This makes it much easier for an observer to read the data from the screen.

It is useful in video recording, video conferencing , simply it is called as web cam. It is also connected with other devices through Blue tooth. It is a degrees visual communication device. Most 21st century cameras are digital. Front and backof CanonPowerShotA S o me c a n crop and stitch pictures and perform other elementary image editing.

S o me h a v e a GPS receiver built in, and can produce Geo tagged photographs. The optical system works the same as in film cameras, typically using a lens with a variable diaphragm to focus light onto an image pickup device. Most digicams, apart from camera phones an d a f e w specialized types, have a standard tripod screw. Digital cameras are incorporated into many devices ranging from PDAs and mobile phones called camera phones t o v e h i c l e s. Th e Hubble Space Telescope a n d o t h e r astronomical devices are essentially specialized digital cameras.

The size of the projector is of A4 size. It has the approximate resolution capacity of X Thus it is gives more clarity and good picture. Vi d e o p r o je c t o r s a r e wi d e l y u s e d f o r c o n f e r e n c e room presentations, classroom training ,home theatre and live events applications. Projectors are widely used in many schools and other educational settings, connected to an interactive white board to interactively teach pupils.

A r a t i n g o f 1 5 0 0 t o 2 5 0 0 ANSI lumens or lower is suitable for smaller screens with controlled lighting or low ambient light. Between and lm is suitable for medium-sized screens with some ambient light or d i mme d l i g h t. Projected image size is important; because the total amount of light does not change, as size increases, brightness decreases.

Battery The most important part in portable type of computer is battery and storage capacity. Related Posts. I want full ppt plz Reply.

I want PDF clearly Reply. With more photos Reply. Thanks for the comment Suman.. Hey sumit I want full ppt and report on 5 pen pc technology.. Plz Reply. I want document in 5 own pc technology please send it to my mail Reply. How to store the data??? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. When writing a quick note, pen and paper are still the most natural to use.

The 5 pen pc technology with digital pen and paper makes it possible to get a digital copy of handwritten information, and have it sent to digital devices via Bluetooth. It is simply a new invention in computer and it is associated with communication field. Surely this will have a great impact on the computer field. In this device you will find Bluetooth as the main interconnecting device between different peripherals. P-ISM is a gadget package including five functions: a pen-style cellular phone with a handwriting data input function, virtual keyboard, a very small projector, camera scanner, and personal ID key with cashless pass function.

P-ISMs are connected with one another through short-range wireless technology. The whole set is also connected to the Internet through the cellular phone function. A master Bluetooth device can communicate with up to seven devices in a Pico net. An ad-hoc computer network using Bluetooth technology The devices can switch roles, by agreement, and the slave can become the master at any time. At any given time, data can be transferred between the master and one other device except for the little-used broadcast mode.

The Bluetooth Core Specification provides for the connection of two or more Pico nets to form a scatter net , in which certain devices serve as bridges, simultaneously playing the master role in one Pico net and the slave role in another.

Older pre Bluetooth dongles, however, have limited capabilities, offering only the Bluetooth Enumerator and less-powerful Bluetooth Radio incarnation. Such devices can link computers with Bluetooth with a distance of meters, but they do not offer as many service as modern adapters do. A personal computer that does not have embedded Bluetooth can be used with a Bluetooth adapter that will enable the PC to communicate with other Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, mice and keyboards.

While some desktop computers and most recent laptops come with a built-in Bluetooth radio, others will require an external one in the form of a dongle. Unlike its predecessor, IrDA, which requires a separate adapter for each device, Bluetooth allows multiple devices to communicate with a computer over a single adapter.

This version has been adopted as of June 30, Cost-reduced single-mode chips, which will enable highly integrated and compact devices, will feature a light weight Link Layer providing ultra-low power idle mode operation, simple device discovery and reliable point-to-multi point data transfer with advanced power-save and secure encrypted connections at the lowest possible cost.

The Link Layer in these controllers will enable Internet connected sensors to schedule Bluetooth low energy traffic between Bluetooth transmissions. Many of the services offered over Bluetooth can expose private data or allow the connecting party to control the Bluetooth device. At the same time, it is useful for Bluetooth devices to automatically establish a connection without user intervention as soon as they are in range.

To resolve this conflict, Bluetooth uses a process called pairing. Two devices need to be paired to communicate with each other. The pairing process is typically triggered automatically the first time a device receives a connection request from a device with which it is not yet paired in some cases the device user many need to market the devices Bluetooth link visible to other devices first.

Once a pairing has been established it is remembered by the devices, which can the connect to each without user intervention. When desired, the pairing relation ship can later be removed by the user. The base current version of the standard is IEEE The Security was originally purposefully weak due to export requirements of some governments, and was later enhanced via the Other standards in the family c-f, h, j are service amendments and extensions corrections other previous specifications.

Because of this choice of frequency band, Better or worse performance with higher or lower frequencies channels may be realized, depending on the environment. The segment of the radio frequency spectrum used by In the US, Frequencies used by channels one through six of Licensed amateur radio operators may operate Current Frames are divided into very specific and standardized sections.

Some frames may not have the form and function of the frame. The frame control field is further sub divided into the following sub- fields: Protocol Version : two bits representing the protocol version.

Currently used protocol version is zero. Other values are reserved for future use. Type : two bits identifying the type of WLAN frame. Sub Type : Four bits providing addition discrimination between frames. Type and Sub type together to identify the exact frame. They indicate whether a data frame is headed for a distributed system. Control and management frame set these values to zero. All the data frames will have one of these bit set. However communication with in an IBSS network always set these bits to zero.

More Fragments : The More Fragments bit is set when a packet is divided into multiple frames for transmission. Every frame except the frame of packet will have this bits set. This aids in the elimination of duplication frames. Power Management : This bit indicates the power management state of the sender after the completion of a frame exchange.

Access points are required to manage the connection and will never set the power saver bit. More Data : The More Data bit is used to buffer frames received in a distributed system. The access point use this bit to facilitate stations in power saver mode. It indicates that at least one frame is available and addresses all stations connected.

It is toggled to one after a frame has been decrypted or if no encryption is set it will have already been one. Order : This bit is only set when the strict ordering delivery method is employed. Frames and fragments are not always sent in order as it cause a transmission performance penalty. The next two bytes are reserved for the Duration ID field. An Each field can carry a MAC address.

Address 1 is the receiver, Address 2 is the transmitter, and Address 3 is used for filtering purposes by the receiver. The Sequence Control field is a two-byte section used for identifying message order as well as eliminating duplicate frames. The first 4 bits are used for the fragmentation number and the last 12 bits are these sequence number. An optional two-byte Quality of Service control field which was added with The Frame Body fields variable in size, from 0 to bytes plus any over head from security encapsulation and contains information from higher layers.

As frames are about to be sent the FCS is calculated and appended. If they match, it is assumed that the frame was not distorted during transmission. Management Frames allow for the maintenance of communication.

Some common With an open system authentication the WNIC only sends a single authentication frame and the access point responds with an authentication, after the WNIC sends its initial authentication request it will receive authentication frame from the access point containing challenge text.

The WNIC sends an authentication frame containing the encrypted version of the challenge text to the access point. The access point ensures the text was encrypted with the corrected key by encrypting it with its own key. The result of this process determines the WNICs authentication status. Association Request Frame : sent from station it enables the access point to locate resources and synchronize. Association Response Frame : sent from an access point to station containing the acceptance or rejection an association request.

If it is an acceptance, the frame will contain information such an association ID and supported data rates. De authentication Frame : Sent from station wishing to terminate connection from another station. Disassociation Frame : Sent from a station wishing to terminate connection. Its an elegant way to allow the access point to relinquish memory allocation and remove the WNIC from the association table.

Re association request Frame : A WNIC sends a re-association request when it drops from range of the currently associated access point and finds another access point with a stronger signal.

The new access point coordinates the forwarding of any information that may still be contained in the buffer of the previous access point. Re association response Frame : Sent from an access point containing the acceptance or rejection to a WNIC re association request frame.

The frame includes information required for association such as the association ID and supported data rates. Control frames facilitate in the exchange of data frames between stations. If the sending station does not receive an ACK frame with in a predetermined period of time, the sending station will resend frame. A station sends a RTS frame to as the first step in a two-way hand shake required before sending data frames. It provides clearance for the requesting station to send a data frame.

The CTS provides collision control management by including a time value for which all other stations are to hold off transmission while the requesting stations transmits.