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Fable – The Lost Chapters – Download.Fable : The Lost Chapters (Jeu PC) – Images, vidéos, astuces et avis

By admin
24 Jan 2023
admin 24 Jan 2023
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Download fable the lost chapters pc kickass

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Grandiose battles with the participation of manpower and military equipment of the enemy are waiting for you, where victory will come with hard work. Battlefield 1 Torrent Instructions Click the download button below and you will be asked if you want to open the torrent. Double click inside the Battlefield 1 Torrent Download folder, extract the. I tell ya its a waste of money. Windows XP media center edition Ram 3GB. LG CD drive 32x. After reading through all your posts a chilling realisation has dawned upon me… Most of the people experiencing crashes glitches etc.

Hey I know lets all petition to have have fable taken of shelves haha do a massive recall unless lionhead decides to get off their arses and make a freaking patch. Ok, this is very aggrivating! Once I click on my name to log onto my own specific character, it starts loading. We did find however once we no-cd patched it the crashes became less and less frequent. Just a thought. Same problems here too, on both computers. No amount of playing with settings even gets me the ability to be in game.

I can play all the way through until the Dad dies and you are saved, and then suddenly nothing! I know my graphics card can handle it since it handles the whole begining fine and no problems with more advanced games. If someone else has this problem and has fixed it please e-mail me. I am going crazy with the same problems.

I actually love this game and have played it on X-Box. But recently have been trying to play on P. C and I am about to go insane! Although I have a great one I contacted Dell support and told them of the error message.. They confirmed it was the game and I should Re-Install. Which was bad enough well the run-time errors stopped but now my game crashes or spontaneously.

Or freezes at the same point Barow Fields or whatever. You know during the Trader escort mission. All I can do is wonder around aimlessly like an idiot.

I hope they fall on something sharp and damage themselves!! Yep, it crashes on a standard installation of XP corporate here too. Except, it crashes such that the computer actually powers off…. Great game, but unless they start addressing the issues, Fable II might have some issues with a user base. I have had this game since I have 4 computers. All of these have a min of 2gigs of ram. I have played this game with no glitches on every single one of my computers.

For some reason on that pc it crashed like a bitch. When I transfered the into there for testing it worked just fine no freaking crashes. I bought this Game today and I am so mad right now … this is a joke and I for one will contact Microsoft Customer Support tomorrow and make them some costs by using this to the fullest till it works … if not ill bring the game back to the Store ….

Hello there! The first time I installed the game it went just fine although I would very much like an anytime save. I mean, aint that why they earn theyr money for??? Just like Silent Hill 2 for the PC is in bad shape…. I had probs with it on the PC.

If youre wondering, my laptop specs are : AMD athlon 64 x2 dual-core 1. I was screwwing aroung on my computer and i found out that fable was never really uninstalled. I wanted to play it but unfortunately i no longer have the disks. I need to find a fix so that i can play without a cd………. Had no problems with the game for 48hrs, got to the Arena quest and completed it and it just froze, lost the whole quest and journey!

Also, ever since I installed the game my traffic meter has been registering a small constant amount of upload activity whenever I acces the game. I bought this game yesterday.

Mine is 1. I played fine up to where Bandits come to the village. Everytime I try to start the game, I get an error report. So far I really liked this game. The graphics are now suck, but still game holds a lot of fun. Trying to be a good guy, too. In this game, you can basically do anything as long as you stay inside the game limit. By the way, game is a bit bloody. Even at low options I can see bloody neckless guy with tons of blood coming out from his neck. They are purely incompetent.

First thing you must all try to do is look in your graphic cards settings and make sure you have not got major memory hogging features such as anti-aliasing or anistrophic filtering switched on, set all these to app controlled.

Secondly disable all shadows it makes a huge performance difference on any platform. Thirdly ensure that you have cheaked any tasks running in the back ground are not using too much memory if they are then more than likely anyone with a gig or less will have to increase the size of there windows page file.

Also anyone who has updated there video card drivers you must bare in mind that this game was brought out in , there for any drivers that will have been released anabling support for siome of the features will have been released then too, you may find that you may actually need to down grade your video drivers.

And anyone who is overclocking your graphics card i would stop it this may allow your memory and core clock speeds to run faster but it can still cause major artifacts in games, best thing to do is either upgrade or turn off you overclocked settings and put them back to there defaults. Right, the and in the 7, 8, and 9 series cards are made with gaming in mind.

Something like a GS or GT will not be optimal for gaming. Even one such as Fable with its very low system requirements. Same problem here as stated a couple million times before. Got a very, very nice PC set-up now and I decided to install it on this machine… Load it up, made a char, finished the kid part get 3 gold and all that and than it shuts down, right when the scene with Maze starts.

So, I restart the game, shuts down when I get onto my char. Ive never had trouble, either on my super gaming computer or my horrible laptop. Ive found it is a very durable game, not even crashing when my laptop shut down after running low on power.

I used it 10 or so times to get free keys and afterwards almost every normal or auto save caused the game to crash. I already tried installing it again but the same problem happens. I managed to get through the game once.

So I downloaded to SafeDisk thing its not quite a patch but its the same idea microsoft made for its games, reinstalled the game and lowered the resolution a smidgen. That seemed to do it for about an hour but as soon as the autosave came at the end of the escort through darkwood quest it blew AGAIN!

The same thing happened to me with Iron Storm. I bought 10 different copies, all from the same store, and they were all glitchy. Again, I have a top of the line model, and I tried playing Resident Evil 4, but the game does not support DirectX 10, which is what I have. Oh yeah, on a further note to my previous post, I have Fable:TLC, and have installed it on five machines, including a laptop with a MhZ Single-core Processor, Ram, 40 Gig hard drive, and a simple integrated Intel Graphics chipset and it works perfectly with no glitches, graphical flaws, or lag.

Again, no problems. This game worked perfectly for me, P4 HT 3. This is a beautiful game, unfortunately the compatability for good systems, well, absolutely sucks, which is astounding considering nearly every other game out there is compatible with the base specs and is built with upgrades in mind.

Good Job Microsoft. I have it. Played it for 13hours all together. Gratz: a shorthand version of Congratulations, often shortened to grtz, gtz, or even gz The last one there is for pros, so if you wana be pro then use gz.

No one picked up on the surprising rate of AMD-based systems? Most are set to an Energy Star setting by default — you save power and AMD adjusts as you demand more. This is easily done in the configurator — newer versions take care of this for you. Seems I have the opposite experience to you guys.

I got Fable TLC for my xbox xbox1 game backwards compatible , and it crashes a lot, and when it crashes the entire xbox hangs requiring a power cycle. In addition its evident the xbox has nowhere near enough hardware oomph as a gaming pc, I got a 2nd hand copy of the pc game 2 days ago and have been playing it since. Its not crashed once, the game is smooth, no jerkyness even in oakvale and I got it on max details and max resolution, gfx card is a GT.

Loading times are far superior also, the loading screen isnt even on for one second between areas whilst on the xbox it takes seconds between areas. The only complaint I got with the PC version is there is no native gamepad support, considering logitech and other vendors make gamepads for the PC I am somewhat baffled, but thankfully I have managed to get it running on a gamepad and its almost the same controls as on the xbox now.

I agree with you Chris, a PC has much more processing power and is far more superior than an xbox However i am encountering the same as everyone in this chat. The game loads up fine but once i go to play it, it usually freezes and the colours distort and go black, yellow, green etc.

When my computer is reloaded i try to play the game again and it comes up with safe mode or normal mode. I wish Microsoft would get their rear in gear and get us a patch that can fix these bugs once and for all.

Fingers crossed people. I continued research into these issues as I have had no trouble and discovered many programming errors exist within the load sequence. One way to fix this is to use a no-cd crack which bypasses the issues. You can go to gamecopyworld. I like. I just purchased Fable: TLC and am having some problems. After spending hours delving into the gameplay, letting the autosave do its thing, I did a manual save, and quit to the main menu. Today, I booted up the game and loaded my manual save.

It loaded, hiccupped, and then showed the autosave screen. Next thing I know, the game loads up the scene of the character vomiting…still as a child, something I had gotten wayyyyyyy past before. Same thing happened when I loaded the autosave, even though I assume it saved throughout the training process and at least when I graduated from Hero school. I believe world saves only save exp status and not quest status. I to have had the same experience.

I suggest reinstalling the game again. Just to let you all know, the problem is not with your computers, or which graphics card you use, or your sound card. I have a phase change cooled dual quad core 8 x 2. I can bring it out of the freeze with ctrl-alt-del, just pushing them makes the game start running again , and it loads. Problem is that after that it is stuck at the lowest graphics setting. Going to the main menu then reloading causes the same freeze again, but I can load a saved game file from the pause menu.

Go visit gamecopyworld. The load sequence is the problem. The protection on the disc is faulty. It wont let me face one or two directions in one place or another or it freezes and then continues playing without video. Hi:I just bought fable the lost chapters from EB games,and it started crashing this morning,cannot find a patch,which i thought there would be. So im reinstalling the game. And if that dont work,well back it goes to the store.

Very upset. People, the game is freezing due to the loading sequence on the disc — it calls out for disc protection and then fails. If you download and run the no-cd crack, the game will work just fine — this includes saved games that are now freezing.

I had every problem mentioned in this thread and I used the crack and no more problems. It was that simple. I just bought the game a week ago and right away it started freezing and then crash during game play. Does anyone know where to download this no-cd crack?

Fable played flawlessly on win for me but when I upgraded to win XP Pro I have had nothing but problems with it. Help Please! Okay, there is obviously something wrong with your computer. The game can be a bit requiring, but if all the critics loved it they were obviously able to play it; and hopefuly with good graphics.

I agree with louis i never had problem with it crashing unless it was on one of my older and much crappier computers, just because its a new this year computer, doesnt mean shit unless it has the specs to back it up. Its all about your graphics card, period.

I had played this originally on PC when it came out and had no problem. I was using a pretty weak desktop that had a good upgraded graphics card. When I tried it again with a top of the line Toshiba laptop, it didnt work worth crap.



Download fable the lost chapters pc kickass

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