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24 Jan 2023
admin 24 Jan 2023
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Krzysztof Witczak. Stephan Guth. Davide Ermacora. Brett Prouty. Theo Vennemann gen. Nierfeld, Germania Semitica, ed. Mario Alinei. Andrew Wigman. Alexander Mankov. Zavaroni Adolfo. Rosa Ronzitti. Northern Voices. Kees Dekker, Alasdair A. MacDonald and Hermann Niebaum. Roland Schuhmann. Podolak and M. Urban ed. Essays in the history of languages and linguistics.

Dedicated to Marek Stachowski on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Kamil Stachowski , Olaf Stachowski. Toan Luong. Julian Santano Moreno. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Hexe and Eidechse.

Related Papers. Ten Scandinavian and North English Etymologies. Runes and their secrets: studies in runology Runes in the first century. Per aspera ad asteriscos: studia … Minge—a Loanword Study. The meanings of elf and elves in medieval England. Hexe comes from a Gmc. Haegtesse, OHGm.

This form is usually considered as a compound word, the first element of which is connected to Gmc. Kluge-Seebold s. XIV c. Also the direct relationship between Engl. Skeat s. First of all, although erotic representations of the witch are attested in European traditions cp. Weiser-Aall , , these reflect much more the way witches were seen by witch hunters than the way they were seen in popular beliefs.

If we were to accept it, we would have to assume that the word hexe was coined, as it were, by inquisition officers! The silence on this point on the part of etymologists is even more surprising, as both Belgian and Dutch philologists as well as German folklore specialists have noted this coincidence, and on its basis have often underlined the strict relationship between lizards and witches. The Dutch philologist P.

Van Sterkerburg , for example, in his excellent book on MDu. We will return to his work. And to sustain this point he listed the following arguments: i MDu. And he continued with an endless list of examples, drawn also from ancient sources, on the use of lizards as a magical means. Alinei ab, , , , , , , , , , , , ab, , in st. I owe this information to Reiner Hildebrandt, whom I thank.

Needless to say, all of these variations of the same word are seen as the result of a magico-religious taboo involving the lizard. To my knowledge, not only do the Dutch-Flemish dialect area of hagedis and the German dialect area of Eidechse form just one single continuous area, but also in the other linguistic areas of Europe the names of the lizard present the same taboo typology, that is the same variety of slightly similar, misformed and highly contaminated forms. In short, it is most likely that MDu.

Finally, Van Sterkerburg has also published a very useful dialect map of present Dutch and Flemish dialect names of this animal Sterkenburg , afb. Consequently, it would be perfectly justified to suppose that an unvoiced variant of MDu.

Moreover, the claim that hagedisse is the original form, and the unvoiced forms the contaminated ones, is further supported by the fact that in the present distribution of Dutch dialect names for the lizard, the most compact area of the voiced form hagedis is the coast area, that is the area which is the most protected from continental influences. Tier, Engl. And this designation would be perfectly suitable for the type of lizard that is most common north of the Alps, both in Germany and in Scandinavia, namely Lacerta agilis, the popular name of which is precisely Zaun-eidechse!

Brehm , sgg. Riegler , , n. Moreover, this would also explain why many other German dialect names of the lizard present both Hag- and Hecke- as their first element cp. Kluge-Mitzka s. Eidechse, and Riegler , , n. However, we could still ask ourselves a question: in the light of the new etymology could we perhaps see a relationship between Hexe and Eidechse? For my hypothesis I start precisely from the etymological problem posed by the Scandinavian name of the lizard, namely Oicel.

De Vries considers these forms of unknown etymology, and independent from Eidechse cp. ANEW s. For it could be interpreted as a simple diminutive of Oicel. Notice that this kind of kinship name with an endearing connotation for a wild animal is very common everywhere in Europe and in the world, and also in the Germanic area has numerous representatives, as already Riegler, in his founding papers, had pointed out in the years Thirties.

I can quote LGm. If one now accepts this simple and straightforward line, then it becomes possibile to analyse Eidechse in much the same way: the first element of the compound would be identical with OIcel. The second would be hexe. Alinei, Mario a , Osservazioni sul rapporto semantico fra ‘arcobaleno’ e ‘itterizia’ in Latino e nei dialetti e folklore italiani, in Quaderni di Semantica II, pp.

Axel Neumann Rumpelstilzchen. Cosma Shiva Hagen Schneewittchen. Nina Hagen Hexe. Hans Werner Olm Spliss. Heinz Hoenig Brummboss. Udo Lindenberg Rumpelstilzchen als Hippie.

Mario Barth Rumpelstilzchen als Hexensohn. Oliver Pocher Rumpelstilzchen Bahnhof. Sven Unterwaldt Jr. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Connections Followed by The Seventh Dwarf Soundtracks Zwergensymphonie Nr. User reviews 13 Review. Featured review. Simply awful and unwatchable. A really bad sequel. Part 1 had a lot of funny moments – part 2 is just bad in a boring way and obviously made to squeeze money out of the fans.

Shame on you, Otto Waalkes! It’s quite easy to identify with him The director should do everyone a favor and quit his job immediately.

The acting is worse than a 2nd grade school play. Details Edit. Release date October 26, Germany. Bremen Hauptbahnhof, Bremen, Bremen, Germany. Box office Edit.



Bernds hexe download.Haxe 4.2.5

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